Thursday, September 1, 2011

Snow White and the Seven Photos

I pretty much love all fairytales, not a big surprise there. I like the spooky sad old original versions, like Brothers Grimm, AND the sweet, nice, sugar-coated ones, too. Actually, if I'm going to be super honest, I kinda like the nicey ones most. Yep, even the Disney cartoons. Confession: I love the old Disney cartoons!

I went to the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco recently, and it sparked a whole re-watching of the classics. We started off with Snow White, and, aside from the unbelievably high-pitched sound she makes when she sings, it is a beautiful film. Confession: I love her high-pitched mouse voice, too. It kinda sounds like the mice that sing between scenes in Babe, which I

I guess I love Snow White so much that I've collected Snow White stuff. Shocking, right?! I know, I know. So here's five pictures of Snow White things I own, and two pictures of Snow White things I want to own.

My original Snow White book from 1938.
Inside cover of my Snow White book. I love the old-style illustration.
My vintage German Snow White bank. It still works and has its original key to open the bottom.
My apple ring I got at H&M!
Vintage Japanese Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Snow White fabric by Heather Ross
My Paper Crane's Snow White cross-stitch pattern. Adorable!!! Buy it here.