Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Giraffes in the House

Probably everyone who knows me would say that hedgehogs are my favorite animal. And they would be right. But it's slightly less known that giraffes are my second favorite animal.

Elph's Circus Giraffe Plush Stuffed Animal
Elph's Circus Giraffe Plush
I've been collecting giraffes for a while, as well as lots of other zoo and circus things. When it came time to decorate my son's room, it was easy to decide on zoo and circus as the theme. Sometime I'll post about his room, but here are the giraffes he now has for himself (ok, one or two are on extended loan from me, ha ha).

Gyffy the Giraffe Inflatable Toy Rody
Gyffy the Giraffe. He's an inflatable Rody riding toy.
Sophie the Giraffe Squeak Toy France Natural Rubber
Sophie the Giraffe, a natural rubber squeak toy.

Red Giraffe Metal Wall Hook Hanger
Red Giraffe Metal Wall Hook
German Giraffe Riding in a French Hot Air Balloon Wagner Flocked Animal
German Giraffe in a French Hot Air Balloon. He's a little vintage flocked Wagner Kunstlerschutz