Friday, September 24, 2010

Cute Toys = Cute Necklaces

Sometimes I love little cute toys so much that I have to be around them all the time. My solution is to make them into necklaces.

The first toy necklace took me forever because I wanted lots of colors, and it was actually hard to find enough toys that were just the right small size. This collection was started just before cell phone charms got popular, then cell phone charms saved me.

 Cheburashka, in the center, is one of my all time favorite charm toys. Don't know who Cheburashka is? Check him out, it will change your life.

When I was little, I got a super cute little green unicorn charm taped to a Hello Kitty store bag. I had bought a little coin purse with the weird cute unicorn on it, and it said "My Unico". I still have that purse, too. I googled the name Unico which was on my purse and found out he's a Japanese cartoon character, I think made by the same studio as Astroboy. So I recently found a tiny painted Unico cell phone charm, and this had to be done. I say "found" but really it was an all out search :)