Thursday, September 1, 2011

Snow White and the Seven Photos

I pretty much love all fairytales, not a big surprise there. I like the spooky sad old original versions, like Brothers Grimm, AND the sweet, nice, sugar-coated ones, too. Actually, if I'm going to be super honest, I kinda like the nicey ones most. Yep, even the Disney cartoons. Confession: I love the old Disney cartoons!

I went to the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco recently, and it sparked a whole re-watching of the classics. We started off with Snow White, and, aside from the unbelievably high-pitched sound she makes when she sings, it is a beautiful film. Confession: I love her high-pitched mouse voice, too. It kinda sounds like the mice that sing between scenes in Babe, which I

I guess I love Snow White so much that I've collected Snow White stuff. Shocking, right?! I know, I know. So here's five pictures of Snow White things I own, and two pictures of Snow White things I want to own.

My original Snow White book from 1938.
Inside cover of my Snow White book. I love the old-style illustration.
My vintage German Snow White bank. It still works and has its original key to open the bottom.
My apple ring I got at H&M!
Vintage Japanese Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Snow White fabric by Heather Ross
My Paper Crane's Snow White cross-stitch pattern. Adorable!!! Buy it here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seeing Stars Again!

I made an etsy treasury a short time ago about stars, and there were so many that I loved, I decided to make another one. I kinda divided and conquered. I edited the old one to be more ethereally focused, and the new one to more pop and retroish. Here's the old one called Stargazing.

Here's the new one called You're A Star To Me:

'You're A Star To Me' by katykristin

















Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mermaids in the Bathroom

Cute Vintage Mermaids: The Blonde is made by Norcrest and the Redhead is made by Lefton.
We moved into our house a few years ago, and ever since I've been obsessed with making our upstairs bathroom cute and vintage looking. It came with a terrible fiberglass shower unit, bad stick-on fake marble vinyl tile floor, and an ok but not well-made sink cabinet. We painted the walls a very cheerful aqua blue, and that helped...then I started to collecting these little ceramic mermaids and fish from the 1950s...and that helped some more.

On a side tangent, I think the vintage mermaid wall hangings fascination probably started when my friends from the Dagons showed me the artwork for their album Teeth for Pearls. On another tangent, this is one of my favorite albums! Here's the album cover:

So back to the bathroom...we were finally able to hire a super nice guy to redo all the tiling and stuff. We found a cool vintage sink with chrome legs at Urban Ore in Berkeley, an amazing salvage place. I'd already installed an art deco medicine cabinet I'd gotten from there a few years ago, so that looked great with the new sink.

Then we had white subway tile put in for a new shower and tiny white hexagon tiles intalled for the floor. A million years ago, I had visited the Gamble House in Pasadena, sort of a mega-luxury bungalow built in 1908 by Greene and Greene. It had a fantastic all white bathroom with these same tile combinations, and have basically always wanted a bathroom like that ever since.

Sorry those pics aren't too inspiring, but you get the idea. 

I made curtains from a fantastic Heather Ross mermaid print, which also features octopi and kelp, just like the giant seaweed we have here off the coast of San Francisco. My friends gave me a super cool crocheted squid in an apothecary jar for my birthday last year, which they got at the Curiosity Shoppe on Valencia St. The squid is made by artist Jessica Polka.

I found some great vintage looking glass and chrome towel bars and shelving, and added more water-themed things from my collection.

Screenprint of Underwater Circus by Jaime Zollars
Old wooden whale pull-toy, Pacific Ocean etching, carved wooden octopus from Kauai, and Roseville Waterlily Vase

Now I just have to figure out where to hang all these mermaids....

Monday, July 25, 2011


I decided to finally try my hand at curating-- in the form of an Etsy treasury. It was nighttime, for once there were stars out as opposed to the usual San Francisco summer fog, and so I titled my treasury "Stargazing" (which sounded more poetic than just "stars" which is what I originally had).

What to put in it? I decided to go for a kind of ethereal look with this, hope you like it:

'Stargazing' by katykristin

















Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.