Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pippi Longstocking things

It goes without saying (although I have said it many times) that Pippi has been a longtime hero of mine. Generally, I go through obsessive periods where I focus on one topic for a while and just voraciously search for things, read things, buy things, etc. that have to do with that topic. I remember one Christmas, I only asked for pirate Legoes. So, you guessed it, right now it's Pippi again.
The one bummer though is that it's really hard to find places to get Pippi items in the States, or at least places online that are in English. So far the coolest Pippi stuff has been on this Swedish ebay site, called Tradera. In order to figure it out, I've been translating everything word by word with an online Swedish to English dictionary. Kind of a long process, but that is the extent of my obsession. So I figured out finally how to register for the site and search for things, etc. but I can't seem to ask the sellers any questions- super crucial since I need to know if they can ship to the U.S. and how much it would cost.
So what am I wanting so much to go through all this trouble?
Well, those are some of the highlights.
I still haven't bought the hedgehog mobile or the foresty deer plates because I'm stuck on these Pippi things. "Geez, Katy, you're such a consumer!" That's what you're thinkin', right? Well, probably the answer is "yes". But I'm not that bad. It's just that I have some Christmas money saved up, and I really want to buy something fun with it before I use it to buy something boring like toilet paper!